White Light Express

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Circle of Light Workers

Sarah Nash is a Founder and current facilitator of  The White Light Express: a  NON Denominational & Interfaith group dedicated to the belief that focusing thoughtful, favorable energy on a specific subject or subjects will promote unequivocal change for a positive outcome.  The mission of the White Light Express is to offer healing and transformation through focused authentic intention, meditation and prayer. Right Thought is the first step toward Right Action and consciousness. We believe that “holding the vibration” is a profound task and our divine destiny.

The WLE is also a growing network of healing professionals, metaphysicians and light workers dedicated to researching modalities of Illumination and methods of ascension with integrity.

One of the objectives for the White Light Express is to create a trusted network of gifted Healers and healing circles directed by consciousness for those seeking clear and honest answers to their soul path, life purpose; and to positively transform mind, body and spirit for the benefit of all. Those who are brought to the White Light Express for healing are gently advised and guided by a responsible, spiritual team of deeply connected professionals for maximum health and benefit, transcending any previous paradigms of healing or medicine.
Everyone is invited to “Ride The White Light Express” and join in our prayer grids whether you are in need of healing or simply wish to share your light and hold the vibration for those who are requesting healing.

Once a month we create a virtual ring of light for several days around those who request to be “in the center of the circle“. We choose to begin on the date of the “new moon” and hold a sacred space for all prayers until the full moon. For those who are in fear of a possible occult connection to this process and hesitate to join us as a result, we invite you to read our quick and insightful article on our community website about why we adhere to this practice and hope you will gain a new perspective. If you’re short on time or just not interested in our articles, that’s cool too. Keep in mind that Tesla said all the secrets of the Universe could be revealed with study of energy, frequency and vibration. We use planetary alignments and moon cycles because of pure physics. Sacred Alchemy isn’t magic, it’s “Gnostic Science” — which is just such a paradox, it must be true!

A Few Quick FAQs:

  • Don’t hesitate to send in your prayer request, ever. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant you feel your request is. We pray for all things, and it’s not our job to determine who or what is deserving of a miracle. We have prayed for the perfect prom dress to global healing. It’s all relevant and important. The Universe only requires one thing of you: Ask.
  • There aren’t rules or absolute rituals, specific prayers or mantras that we promote, although we don’t discourage sharing either.  We do encourage positive communication, dialogue and faith focused discussion in this Network.
  • Do create your own sacred healing altar space in your home.
  • Do spend time each day, even if it’s only a minute, to send love, light and energy to the Grid. Reciprocity rocks.
  • Do join our community and become involved however you are inspired, but be a part of the bigger picture.
  • Judgement, prejudice or discrimination is not part of our process. We have faith that you will keep an open mind and a sense of compassion when connecting with others in our groups and gatherings.

Thank you for being here, for being interested and joining us. May you forever shine. May you forever be united in Light & Love.

The following is from my article “Talking To The Air (and why you’re not crazy for doing it)”

We created The White Light Express because we know that prayer works; and this evidence will be yours when you begin to incorporate it into your regular routine. Including a message of gratitude each time you invest a few moments to focus positive, healing, transformative energy for yourself and others is what I call the prayer reciprocity upgrade. Do it daily! When you pass an accident, walk or drive by a prison, hospital, shelter, school, emergency response center or any number of situations, say a blessing for everyone in these places. Say a prayer when you require assistance too. Your crisis is never so small that it won’t be acknowledged by this Great & Loving Universe because like the tiny voice in the beloved story “Horton Hears a Who” by Dr. Seuss, your influence could be what saves us all.