Talking To The Air (and why you’re not crazy for doing it)

RNsedonaPrayer works. It works because it motivates our energy toward right action. The Global Consciousness Project gives us statistics that are measurable by scientific standards, we know that a “random number generator” behaves differently when there is an intense focus on a subject.  What we can’t measure is the intention behind the attention. Consider the devastating effects of the recent weather in the deep Southern Region of the United States. It was estimated that nearly 50 million people would be afflicted!

Simply registering a thought such as, “That’s shocking!” only anchors that reality into the matrix of our 3D world. Perhaps the thought is, “That’s horrible. I hope everything will be okay!” or “How awful! Those poor people!” Once again, the obvious is stated and your emotional virtue is established. You have labeled the event as “good or bad” and identified your agreement psychologically. Conversations are abundant with facts when terrible events occur. People agree again and again, “It’s horrible. I hope they figure it out. These things happen, it’s just a shame.” Telephones, texting, and virtual networks streaming endless details Trending The Disaster, glorifying the chaos.

Once when I was a child, my mother — who was visibly upset — brought me to our large Catholic Church in Los Angeles where we joined many other people who were quietly praying, sitting silently or just meditating. It wasn’t a typical religious gathering; I was confused at the lack of ceremony and asked why we had come at such an odd hour. My mother wiped more tears from her cheeks and could only shake her head, patting the spot next to her on the pew motioning for me to sit down while she knelt. An older woman near us leaned forward and smiled gently, saying “Your mother is asking God to help the people at the Olympics. We are all asking for God to send angels and miracles. We don’t want any more people to get hurt.” I thought about it for a moment and asked her if she felt I should ask God too, or if I would be interrupting all the important prayers. She chuckled and softly said, “No prayer is too little for God, and everyone is important to God. I think God listens to the prayers of children first anyway.”

1972 Summer Olympics Munich

“Black September Palestinian Terrorists Murder Members of the Israeli Olympic Team at their Quarters at the Munich Olympic Village.” This is an iconic image showing one of the terrorists during the event known as the Munich Massacre, during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.” © 1972 The Associated Press.

I imagined God, that glorious old man in the clouds with the elegant long beard leaning forward as I asked him to listen to the prayers of my mother, the lady and everyone else in the church because I didn’t know what was going on; but it must be terrible if it was the middle of the week and we were all there instead of somewhere else. I hoped he would begin to pay attention to what these people and my mother were upset about so that we could get back to “the way things should be.” It felt amazing, knowing that my simple voice would be heard and that I had contributed something.

This set a precedent for my life and how I would approach personal, national or global events of monumental importance. Although I understand the controversy and comprehend the reasons for the objections about prayer in publicly funded or government institutions, it’s my opinion that there are times when a quiet moment of “focused good will” would be appropriate in these places in spite of political or religious beliefs. Diverse communities will gather for a moment to honor the passing of a great leader, to respect others who have performed heroic acts or to remember an event without discrimination; would it be so difficult to gather in the same spirit to send a message of healing?

There is an energy that happens when people congregate with a purpose. If the objective is clear, if the meaning is defined, there are measurable results. The terminology used by the New Age, crystal gazing, tree hugging, alien loving freakazoids I’m fond of hanging out with can be confusing; however in the philosophy of spiritual people who don’t adhere to any particular religious label, this resulting energy is known as a “frequency” or “vibration”.  Christians call it “the Holy Spirit”, theologians agree on “Divine Light” and we Jedi settle on “The Force”.  The intention for the Cosmic Evangelist™ is to “raise the frequency” of all humanity to a higher level of compassion. Contrary to popular belief we honestly don’t care who or what you believe in, if anything.  Most of us have given up trying to explain why we don’t want to expand on the argument about whose God deserves the Oscar for most authentic performance by a Deity.

For the record, I’ll try to sum it up in a few sentences.
Point One: Should your God(s), Saviour(s), Divine and Sacred Being(s) be The One(s) then you win, and we’re all saved. Be happy. Go live your life in service to your faith and stop trying to teach me with your words. I’m watching you. So far, none of you have impressed me enough to want to stick around with your Special And One True Religion Sanctified By The God Who Won The Oscar.

(Hint: If your God has decreed that everyone who doesn’t believe — and/or send money to Him/Her/Them– will suffer endless torment, lose out on the best level of heaven and remain unworthy for all time and eternity, then you should stop reading right this very second and go find your Pastor/Priest/Bishop; begin praying immediately for my soul and for your salvation because you were beginning to think for yourself. We all know this is how Satan started all this suffering, to begin with.)

Point Two: Should your God(s), Saviour(s), Divine and Sacred Being(s) turn out to be nothing than the embellishment of Neolithic Tribal Leaders designed to control their people through guilt and shame, then you win, and we’re all saved.  Be happy. Go live your lives in service to humanity and take care of each other. It’s win/win.

The favors and gifts bestowed upon the righteous by a deity who tempts and confuses his or her faithful followers never made sense to me. I am rather fond of the “Thumbs up Jesus” myself for a variety of reasons. I can identify with this version of The Sacred Enigma and the way it defines how we are connected to each other and the Universe. When we respond to a tragedy by only acknowledging the tragedy we lose the opportunity to change the direction of our thought process and the energy at the foundation of the event in question. The flow of communication between quantum particles in the matrix is a passionate creation dance driven by the desire to join with something ineffable.  This isn’t a theological hypothesis or wishful thinking, it’s science. We have the power to assist each other through focused, positive intention. Our mental S.O.S. has been recorded with indisputable proof; it is our responsibility as civilized beings to take action however we can and answer the call for help.

It isn’t feasible for the vast majority of us to leave our lives and assist in areas devastated by natural disasters, war or other accidents. More often than not it would be foolish to indulge our latent desires to be heroic anyway. If possible, food, clothing, water and supplies are sent to those who are in need. We become closer during times of struggle, and certainly more tolerant.  We give to charities involved in humanitarian efforts and in emergencies we tend to put aside our differences. When the circumstances are dire I haven’t witnessed any arguments about who is praying to what God; however I have experienced the profound grace of what could only be described as Divine or supernatural assistance. I want to encourage us to follow up our recognition of any catastrophic, heartrending occasion with a prayer/mantra or blessing for a quick resolution to whatever the problem. Asking that the sanity, health and wellbeing of all involved is restored immediately, including the precious animals both in the wild, on farms and beloved pets of fellow humans certainly won’t adversely affect the situation. Spread your love to the earth, ask for mercy and protection on the oceans, mountains and for the plants as well as the ground they are in!

We created The White Light Express because we know that prayer works; and this evidence will be yours when you begin to incorporate it into your regular routine. Including a message of gratitude each time you invest a few moments to focus positive, healing, transformative energy for yourself and others is what I call the prayer reciprocity upgrade. Do it daily! When you pass an accident, walk or drive by a prison, hospital, shelter, school, emergency response center or any number of situations, say a blessing for everyone in these places. Say a prayer when you require assistance too. Your crisis is never so small that it won’t be acknowledged by this Great & Loving Universe because like the tiny voice in the beloved story “Horton Hears a Who” by Dr. Seuss, your influence could be what saves us all.

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