Ravishing Review: Sivana Spirit

Sivana TshirtAs the result of an unexpected gift certificate, I happily surfed my way over to Sivana Spirit and perused the “aisles”. Trendy meditation trinkets, yoga wear and tchochkees from Tibet (and elsewhere) beckoned to me from their gorgeous website. In spite of being delightfully easy to use — which is a huge plus for anyone regardless of how web savvy you are — I was a bit put off by the price tags on nearly everything I wanted. What can I say? I have excellent discernment: champagne desires on a beer budget.
Regardless of how much my inner snob with the good taste wanted a certain t-shirt, why on earth would I spend $40 plus of my hard earned green (or, in this case, my friends generous sharing of hard earned green) on a t-shirt?

“What the heck” said I to my inner critic and my inner snob did a back flip. I’d been looking for a long sleeve version of my old favorite OM symbol t-shirt for awhile, and this fit the ticket.
Let’s skip right to “fit the ticket”. I know most of these t-shirts for tight yoga abs run small, so I ordered mine in 2XL. Yeah, you heard me. I used their fitting chart and decided that while I’m not a huge woman, I was sick of all my t-shirts sitting at my waist after the first wash, and long sleeves becoming elbow coverings. Now let’s skip right to me pulling it out of the bag and falling in love. There’s a part of me that would just love to tell you, “click on the link, don’t bother me, their stuff is awesome, buy one of everything, you’re wasting time! HURRY!” because I mean it.

By the way, this might have been the first check out experience I’ve ever had on line where I used a coupon code with a gift certificate that didn’t require me to sign off my first born after agreeing to 12 lifetimes of hard service and loads of information for snog knows what! Yes, a check out that is so so so easy. No stress, no dilemmas. Just, “Thanks! We’ll email you when we ship your package!” I wasn’t asked to join their newsletter five times, or sign up for Yoga Master Lessons or their 9 part series on DVD with Zen Master Boo Boo.  I wasn’t instructed to visit any other portion of their world or affiliates. It was my first hint that they do care about their customers and they really do understand the foundation of the mantras printed on a majority of their products. This appealed to my inner guru. My inner critic, my inner snob and my inner guru were all pretty satisfied. A very rare occurrence in the world of this Blue Collar Goddess, and that it happened online? Enlightenment was surely around the corner.

The promised email arrived, and a few days later, the package.
I was so disappointed! I mean come on! Where was my awesome t-shirt? This silky thing couldn’t be …

Oh. But it was.Sivana Spirit
This was my t-shirt. It was so lovely.
What nearly no one knows about me is that I used to work for a screen printer during breaks in college. I know a bit about how to put a screen printed design on a shirt, what makes it last, the kind of process used, etc.   My inner skeptic studied the screen printed mantra design while my inner snob noted the lack of icky warehouse scent — all were satisfied and I was beginning to think that my inner critic had gone on vacation.

Indeed she had. When I put the garment on it was decided that I needed one in every color offered, and perhaps I should just stop shopping for clothing and gifts anywhere else because quality is a huge issue for me, and quality often translates to “not cheap”.  Sorry if that offends some of you tender folks (what are you doing here again?) — but “inexpensive bobbles” doesn’t quite match what I want to articulate. These folks spend a great deal of time picking and choosing what fills their shelves, and they’ve been doing it as a family for awhile. They like what they’re doing, and that kind of mindfulness is revealed in their choices for you.
To top it all off, with the coupon offered on the website I was able to add a couple of simple charm bracelets from their sale section with my final order.  I admit that I was not expecting anything  too remarkable, and at the risk of sounding phony, I’m sincerely impressed.

Impressed enough to give these guys a shout out, invite them to visit my show for a brief interview and ask my friends who are righteously involved in the Yoga Lifestyle to take a look at their products. Not only is Sivana Spirit “Om” worthy, they practice “Om” living. It shows in their blog, their mission and their presence. Last, but not least, they’re not pompous jerks.

Well done Benn & Sam! You and team Sivana Spirit get the Blue Collar Goddess Ravishing Review Award!

This magic link will send you to the goods: MAGIC LINK

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