Radio Nahmaste

Radio Nahmaste was dedicated to providing inspiration without preaching, and motivation without pressure. In fact, Radio Nahmaste is STILL dedicated, but we don’t have a dedicated home, and we went “off the air” for a brief time in November of 2015.
Did we say “brief”?
We meant “for an unspecified amount of time”. We’re not sure when we’ll be back, but our Archives live on PodBean and iTunes.

Here’s the blurb from beyond:

In a technological world where all the food is poison, the Zombie Apocalypse is imminent and everyone has forgotten how to behave in a public setting, Radio Nahmaste with host Sarah Nash presents groundbreaking, genuine ideas, interviews and authentic resources for spiritually conscious living.  It’s a cutting edge public service in a society where the gap between science and metaphysics grows smaller while the abyss grows between those who can afford the latest gadgets vs. those who cannot.

In other words, the new brand of enlightenment is for spiritual people in the real world.  If you’re  having a tough time figuring out how to process road rage, conspiracy theories, nuclear meltdowns and bad hair days when you were in a state of bliss the day before, tune in.  Radio Nahmaste offers authenticity in its rarest form of innovative genius by sharing common topics with a Spiritual Spin in a way that might make you laugh, will make you think, and probably leave you wondering why you have never had the chance to know the unconventional spiritual thought leader and trailblazer, Sarah Nash, before now.

Sarah Nash, sometimes known as the “Blue Collar Goddess,” does attempt to redeem herself for the occasional “F” bomb, gratuitous laughter, shameless name calling and poor sportsmanship if ever she is criticized or her thought process is challenged.  It is unquestionably an epic ride through esoteric realms of thought and spirituality, and she doesn’t claim to be a role model.

Each and every week, Radio Nahmaste brings you a “Different Brand of Enlightenment” for the New Age from the perspective of an Irreverent Reverend who believes the New Age isn’t that new at all and wishes everyone would lighten up. Developing skills for a practical and meaningful life while channeling your highest self or another ascended master is always a key topic. Nothing will ever be watered down or sugar coated, because Sarah has realized and continues to refine the art of being a spiritual being in a human body.

She will share her experiences of being an all knowing student, a clueless teacher, and a spiritual warrior without a cause during comical blasts of insight. You will learn to hear your own inner divine cosmic voice, because you will be guided and shown how to listen to it, what it sounds like, and where to find it (to the horror of many excellent gurus with boxed CD sets and manuals for enlightenment in twelve thousand easy steps) saving you loads of money and time in the process. Ancient secrets will be revealed on a weekly basis, usually delivered by an entourage of personalities channeled by Sarah, unannounced guests and authenticated by a clinical diagnosis of fun.

Radio Nahmaste challenges traditional descriptions of what it means to be spiritual, conscious and enlightened. The idea that it is possible to channel Mother Theresa while you’re having a smoke in your car with the windows rolled down during a traffic jam is not impossible and will be validated. Promoting the comprehension that the balancing act of living life on this planet and managing the daily routine as a Transdimensional Super Hero isn’t a personal problem, it’s global. You’re not alone.
Sarah will always honor the crazy in you, whether or not you honor the crazy in her.

Validating your inner lunatic is one of her super powers.