Phuck Cancer

“What is that on your altar?”

White Light Express "Phuck Cancer" Alchemy Stone

White Light Express “Phuck Cancer” Alchemy Stone

The message was about the Alchemy Stone on the White Light Express altar space in my living room. I explained that within the space of one week, three close friends, all women, had been diagnosed with cancer. Deep, ugly, mean cancer. Two of them with Breast Cancer and one with Brain Cancer.  I love each of these women as sisters.
And that’s deep.
I began tromping around my house muttering “Phuck Cancer” to the point where my extraordinarily patient husband asked me to stop it. Because he’s my anger transference vessel I unloaded on him all my grief.
He’s an alchemist. He knows that energy isn’t created or destroyed but it can be changed.
He went to his studio and created the stone called, “Phuck Cancer”.
When we placed it on the White Light Express healing grid I put all my grief into a place of healing and miracles. I asked for each of these women to be healed to the highest and best good for their soul plan, for their purpose and … well, quite frankly I just wanted the cancer removed that very second. I still believe that can happen, but there’s oh so much to that path. This post isn’t about any of that though, it’s about what we can do when we feel helpless.
I know my sister with brain cancer is surrounded by a core group of family members. She’s muddling through as best she can and she’s brave as phuck.
My local sister with breast cancer has a beautiful husband to assist her and those of us near by to bring gold stars and giggles.
Acharya? Not so much.
She is a single mother — and surrounded by a world of nay sayers, haters, and over all — she’s blasted for her scholarly approach to showing historical facts and the history of mankind without embellishing. Essentially, she’s Christianity’s Public Enemy number one. Among other things. She’s steady, patient, funny, brilliant … and dying. To Live.
When she called me shortly after I interviewed her on Radio Nahmaste earlier this year and told me what she’d found out that day or the day before (I can’t recall) it was all I could do to keep from begging her to tell me she was playing a damn nasty joke on me. Because that’s what I wanted it to be. A vile joke. Something to do with the Divine Feminine and that’s why her boobs were killing her.

Acharya's Alchemy Stones

Acharya’s Alchemy Stones

It’s been several months now and she’s doing everything in her power to treat this cancer with all she’s got and more.
In spite of the pain, she’s sharing her journey with everyone.
She could have done the opposite. She could have gone private. She has received enough death threats and stalkers and Lord knows what else in the past; who could blame her?

She did not shut down. She did not succumb to fear.
Some friends gathered around her, and started a “Give Forward” campaign when she was unable to pay for the medical expenses and care for her son appropriately. My husband and I are not able to give money. Our funds are carefully spread out, and not always flowing. We don’t have income from jobs that create a steady corporate paycheck and it’s tight. Really tight. But we “pay it forward” in other ways. Tithing is important and if you don’t have money, give something.

We decided to take ten percent of our our sales from Alchemy Stones until we had $500 and donate it to Acharya’s Give Forward.
Then we had a better idea.
YOU send Acharya $100 (or more) and we will send you one of the Alchemy Stones shown. We have four stones and a set of two “male and female” heart chakra stones — each of them worth about $100. They will come with hand made bags that are works of art, and individually hand crafted for your stone. The stones we chose are unfinished and unsigned right now.

Think of someone you would spend $100 on a holiday or birthday gift, and send it to Acharya instead. We’ll give you a Spiritual Pet Rock for your efforts and you get Good Karma points for days. I mean let’s face it, when you don’t know what to get someone, give them a rock.
And ours are the best.

It’s win/win.
Do it.  When your contribution posts on the campaign page, give us the heads up and say, “I’m awesome, Sarah. Gimme a rock!” I’ll notice you anyway and give you mad props, but sometimes I get busy and hey … when you want your words of affirmation, you should get them right away. And I’ll need your address, eh?

Thank you for reading, and if you can’t contribute, please share this page or go directly to HER CAMPAIGN PAGE and share that.

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