Games Aliens Play

Let’s play a game, shall we? Let’s pretend for a minute that I am in touch with our Far Friends aka “Aliens”. There’s no question and er’one is like, “oh yeah, Sarah talks to the Far Friends like, all the time. It’s her thing.”

This means :

  1. We are not alone in the universe.
  2. It also means that they (other beings that are not from earth) aren’t communicating with er’one, because what would the point of this game be?

Now that we know the rules of the game (there aren’t any beyond the two points above)

In the latest transmission by the Big Giant Head they told me to tell you that the politics of this species (humans) is limiting and corrupt, and that we shouldn’t worry too much about it because when the “return” happens (meaning our Far Friends feel that we have evolved enough to reveal themselves and we won’t implode or lose our shit en-mass) the group they WILL be working with are the spiritual leaders of the planet.Head In The Clouds

This is because they respect faith in Divinity. Faith is the key to consciousness. Faith is not limiting and all conscious species have faith. Everywhere. True Faith promotes love and tolerance. Not war. When all the spiritual leaders are gathered and it is evident that there is only ONE God, but many paths to it?

Yeah. So the game is simple.

I get messages. I give them to you.

Why me? I don’t know. Here’s the kicker, when I said, “Why me?” They said the same thing, “We don’t know. But we do know that you have a unique capability to have a thought and it turns on lights everywhere. So, spread the message. Make it a game. Turn on the lights, will you?”

And it’s just that simple.

I’ve tried to wrap my head around so many versions of philosophy and theology  that this morning I just gave up. I just sat down and looked at my reality and said, “I give up. Everyone is nuts. The truth is out there, and the truth is simple. So simple that for some reason, people are convinced that they have to make it complicated.  What are the facts that I know to be true?”

For me, there is a God.

My God loves everyone, doesn’t play favorites and doesn’t care if you believe, and He does not need your credit card number.  He does not tell you to give generously or place a limit on the doors of eternal joy on your ten percent donation. Your religious foundation does need to pay the electric bill, so please assist because you enjoy hanging with your people. It’s the right thing to do.  But trust me when I tell you that God is not keeping records. Your congregational treasurer is.  Give because you are compelled to make life easier for your “family” and yeah, you’ll be rewarded. In so many ways. If you’re a dick who uses people and their resources consciously? You’re part of the problem. God still loves you too — but your consciousness is lacking mindfulness. Get off my planet.

So where does that leave the rest of humanity without a religious tradition?  Way ahead of the game in some respects. They will shrug off the event of our Far Friends imminent arrival (without cloaking devices) and get on with life.  I know plenty of agnostic people and a few atheists who are the best and finest examples of our species to date because they are good people.
It doesn’t matter who or what your God is as long as your faith carries with it the vibration of love. Love is patient, tolerant and kind. The answer to everything is love. God is love. So God is the answer.  Whatever you have designed your divine essence to be, whatever you call it or don’t call it. Not believing is a choice too.  So you have faith in yourself and behave decently because you desire harmony? Peace? If you are promoting balance and you aren’t demanding that people follow you down the road of No God because your faith says that there is no God; and you’re not a smug asshole watching people kill each other in the name of their God and diminishing your fellow humans, you are my favorite person. If your (lack of) faith in a God doesn’t negate that we should be good to each other and our world because chaos is uncomfortable, messy, noisy and not tidy, super! If that is your belief system and you act appropriately with right thought and right action — you are amazing. Thank you.

If you already have the answer to everything, why complicate it? If your religious leader influences you by faith and not fear to be a better person and live a decent life — he or she will be a part of the planning process for the new earth.

Your guns and weapons won’t work anymore, by the way.  And if you should become violent or aggressive you will be restrained.  No matter who you are, how entitled or important you think you are. Celebrity to starving children in Colombia will all be treated with the same gentle love.  So, your greatest hurdle is your belief system and wrapping your head around how our Far Friends don’t need your permission to exist. They don’t need us, we need them. We’re on the verge of extinction, and some of our Far Friends are deeply compassionate. They know we’re important. They’re coming first. They have our survival as a species as their motive.

What’s coming behind the first arrival is what we will call Armageddon.  This is a species that doesn’t have a great deal of compassion for us, they want to build a parking lot and they want it to be a tidy parking lot.

Think about it.  That’s all I’m asking you to do. Correction, I was asked to tell you to think about it and to recognize that we’re all in this together regardless of any faith we have.

Thanks for playing the game. I’m keeping my cards on the table too, so stop by for updates if you’re compelled to roll the dice with me.

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