Cosmic Triage

Cosmic Triage™

You can’t be “off the path” when you are the path, but clichés don’t fly when you’re in crisis, and if you’re having a cosmic crisis the world can become unbearable. Cosmic Triage™ might be your answer.

Skype Works!

You’re in New York or? Sarah is the Pacific North West. No worries. Skype is the answer!

Life Is A Puzzle

Are the pieces fitting together properly? Is something missing? Get an outline for life now!

Got Questions?

Don’t lose power by worrying over the “what ifs”. Find answers that make sense today.

Plans and Pricing

Sarah doesn’t take insurance, but she will offer you an invoice to send to your provider or use for tax records. As a Certified Professional Life Coach through a respected system of practice and a member of the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine she is qualified for your 3D process as well as your spiritual plan. As an ordained Reverend through the Sanctuary of the Beloved she is also a spiritual counselor and all sessions are confidential, please look at the privacy statement/TOA — they apply to all offers on this site.

Frequently Asked Questions & Details

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So what are those "full details" from the price list?

The single session package should be pretty clear. You’ll get 90 minutes (often more, but the standard is 90, and more is at no charge in the same session), a digital picture of your personal layout with any oracles used and a written explanation of your Personal LifePath Numbers in an email. If you don’t have computer access, other arrangements will be made.

The Annual package includes the above, but it also includes a pre-arranged follow up phone call within a week (or so) after each session to clarify some issues if you’re interested ― some people don’t want a follow up every time ― as well as the occasional email answer for extra (and quick) confirmation about anything in particular.
Let’s explain that word “occasional”. It means no more than twice a month, tops. If you’re hammering Sarah with an email once or more a week because you need to know “paper or plastic” ― well, you can be sure that your spot in Valhalla will no longer be secure. So far, it’s been really great. Most people are pretty conscious and mindful about this.
Be conscious and mindful. Sarah will give your email priority over others because you’ve paid her to do that and she loves her job, don’t take advantage of a great thing.

The Annual PLUS package includes all the above PLUS a monthly “check up” call. That call can be at a pre-arranged time or you can send off a heads up via email or messenger and schedule it when you need it. Fifteen minutes on the phone with someone who really does care, but who isn’t emotionally involved can be the difference in a forming a proper perspective for any situation.

Cosmic Triage™ 101 (just the faqs)

The 30 Second Elevator Speech: “Cosmic Triage™ is Metaphysical Crisis Management. It is a temporary treatment for stabilizing the etheric/metaphysical body suffering from psychic trauma. The system administers to the Mind, Body & Spirit through empathic and intuitive counseling with a spiritual foundation.”

The three-step process is a “Stop, Drop and Roll” for the astral body. The following is over simplified, but an effective outline for your review:
1. Stop … thinking in circles.
2. Drop … into your heart.
3. Roll … with what spirit is telling you.

Cosmic Triage™ is not a long term solution for PTSD or other mental/emotional disorders nor is it an alternative therapy for chemical imbalances.
If Rev. Nash feels at any time a client is a danger to themselves or others, proper authorities will be notified for the safety and well-being of everyone. 

What should I expect from a session?

That does depend on the type of session you’ve booked.
Consider what happens when you go to an E.R. for medical treatment because of an accident or sudden illness.  You can expect to be given an assessment, immediate assistance and relief for wounds or symptoms of disease then a referral to a physician for long term care if necessary. It’s the same scenario for Cosmic Triage™.
Your situation will be validated and Sarah will make some sense out of what has been disturbing you. Cosmic Crisis Counseling is an opportunity for you to have open dialogue ― without judgement or fear ― about supernatural, paranormal or alien encounters.

A Spiritual Channeling session may connect you to someone who has transitioned (physically died) ― it may prepare you for your own transition if you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. You can expect to feel empowered and safe.

Personal LifePathNumber™ sessions are excellent guides for getting a sense of where you’re at in a situation with romance, family, career or planning future events.

Whatever you have booked your session for, Sarah expects each of her clients to feel enlightened when it is over. Becoming grounded and whole should be the expectation. Looking forward to your “precious and wild” life is the most important task we face, and learning how to do that isn’t easy when you’ve been forced or told to ignore your feelings and experiences.

Annual pkg or Annual Plus pkg -- do I have to wait for the date?

No, not really. If you’ve purchased a multiple session package and you want to jam through them because you like hanging out with me or you think I’m a better therapist than your therapist, by all means, bring it on.

Truthfully? It’s better if you spread out my goodness. Like soft, real butter on fresh bread.

What is your refund policy?

If you’ve paid for a session or a package, and I die, disappear or publicly declare I’m quitting the Psychic Road Show, you will get a refund from PayPal, or my estate. Which ever comes first. I have issued one refund in the years that I’ve been doing this. The guy was a complete nut job and he had two teenagers that needed the money (at that time) more than I did. It was the right thing to do. If you whine and cry, so will I. It will be a contest.
Please don’t be a nut job.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.