Rev. Sarah S. Nash, L.P.C.

super fond of thisHost and Blue Collar Goddess of the original Radio Nahmaste, Sarah Nash is also founder and co-facilitator of  the White Light Express, Luminary Savant University and creator of Cosmic Triage™ — a revolutionary new healing modality for the mind and spirit.  Editor and producer for 7 years of “The Hiss Quarterly,” an award winning magazine that later merged with “The View From Here,” her passion and dedication for authentic healing motivated her to explore alternative therapeutic methods, overcoming her original desire to become an adolescent criminal psychologist.  

Sarah has devoted more than thirty years studying and researching spiritual phenomena, the paranormal, supernatural encounters and the occult; guiding her to become a Spiritual Response Practitioner, certified professional Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher in two traditions and ordained minister in the Melchizedek Priesthood. She is an empath, a channel, and profoundly clairvoyant. She remains committed to the Mind/Body/Spirit connection through her White Light Express endeavor, her involvement with the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine and promoting alternative healing methods in combination with traditional therapy.  Sarah is a steadfast believer in the power of faith, healing and the miraculous manifestations ‘positive focused intention’ can achieve in combination with that “other” practical magic: measurable science. She often says that it won’t be long before she and others like her are called “Doctors of Trans dimensional Communication”.

On a more personal note, Sarah wishes that hunters would stop killing elephants for their ivory.  She is also the most skeptical psychic on the planet, a recovering Catholic Mormon Buddhist, smokes half a pack of cigarettes daily and is often seen wearing one of her favorite t-shirts; “This Is A Smoking Temple, Every Puff Is A Prayer.” Her favorite color is five, her favorite number is blue, her greatest shame is occasionally enjoying Taco Bell™ and Rock Stars™. She possesses a degree in Theology and refuses to give it back, claiming that someday she may have a use for it, and threatens to publish her thesis on an annual basis.

In this lifetime she has been clinically dead once, is ridiculously in love with her driver/chef (aka: husband) and raised three incredible children to adult status while battling the forces of evil. As a result of being adopted a few weeks after arriving on the planet, Sarah has always considered every person she meets a potential family member and regularly demands to be invited to the significant and private events of total strangers. Oddly enough, most of these people invite her back.

If you’ve read enough, and you’re ready to book a session with Sarah — a bona fide Psychic Life Coach — use the package choices below. If you feel the need to know more about Rev. Nash, please continue to read on the next page or find her on Facebook and Twitter.
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Appointments Are Typically 90 Minutes Long (plan for longer sessions if you’re in a spiritual or emotional crisis).


PACKAGE #1 “The Seasonal Check-Up” 
Four (4) Sessions For $330
Sessions scheduled the week before or after the solstices & equinoxes.

PACKAGE #2 “The Seasonal Check-Up with Cake & Confetti”
Six (6) Sessions*For $495  

Sessions scheduled the week before or after the solstices & equinoxes, your birthday and New Years!

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