Nandana_Header“Nahmaste” It’s a deliberate misspelling of the traditional “namaste” . . .

… and I’ve tweaked the meaning just as deliberately to suit my current paradigm.
Nahmaste came to being one sunny afternoon many years ago when an acquaintance bowed to me in parting, the word tumbling off their tongue without any reverence.  I pondered why.  What was the point?  I knew without doubt this particular person did not honor the light in me, nor were they intending to negate their ego or mine.  It was absurd, and I laughed. I bowed ridiculously low and replied with an epic, cinematic flourish, “I honor the crazy in you as you honor the crazy in me.” In an unbearably ironic twist, my fellow lunatic remained oblivious to my sarcasm. He bowed again and seemed very pleased with the entire mock performance. He said, “IN LA’KESH!”
I was shocked. My lunatic friend appeared to be waiting for me to say something, so I said, “As opposed to ‘in a lake’?”
My quest for “Authenticity” began that day. It took me awhile to figure out that I had to stop seeking it in others and find it inside of me. I had been told that it was inside of me, but clichés are boring and too simple. Give me the yellow brick road, please. Navigating realms of desire, legendary temples at Burning Man and building labyrinths were the path to enlightenment; until I was burned by too many psychic arsonists cleverly disguised as Light Workers. You can’t be too careful — that fire can warm your camp or burn down the forest.

I quit asking the Universe God Source to “make me a tool of Peace & Illumination”.  I can give you plenty of references who will attest to my being a “tool”.   As for being an “instrument” of Peace & Illumination — I can give you more references about how I was played like a fiddle.  When you are fully aligned with becoming a source of Illumination, do be prepared for the hostile reactions of those who aren’t ready to see all they’ve been hiding. The nicest person can become a hose beast from hell once confronted with their “ugly”, and you will be tempted to stop shining after awhile. This path of authentic accountability while gathering valuable life experiences is often a lonely thing. You start to question the motives of people once trusted and admired when you can’t justify their lack of integrity — you’re not judging them, but they perceive your growing absence in their lives as judgement.

You want to tell them, “It’s not you, it’s me” — although that does leave you alone with that damn light again. The light you can’t dim simply to make it comfortable for others. In fact, you can’t dim your inner light even if you wanted to!  You have become “Enlightened”.

Blue Collar Goddess

“The Artist Formerly Known As The Cosmic Hooker” Thanks to the fantastic Melody Tristen Hasselvander for the excellent logo and painting!

Welcome to the first few steps of the path. You’re adorable. You’ve spent years, maybe half your life to get here. Congratulations. Here’s your gluten free, organic orange juice sweetened cookie made with prana and it still tastes like sawdust. Have fun with that, and by the way? You smell like soggy broccoli with garlic, your sustainable yoga outfit hasn’t been washed in anything but recycled water for eight weeks and your last four real conversations have been with a sentient consciousness no one else can see or hear.

If you’re reading this and laughing because it just seems funny, stop it. If you’re reading this and laughing because you remember the way it felt when you began occasionally shopping at a corporate branded market again as well as the local Co-Op — send me a cosmic high five and I’ll get it on the interstellar ESP Channel later. I honor your inner shining lunatic as you honor mine.

This “About” page is dedicated to the core group of lunatics, mystics, skeptics and friends who support my endeavors to keep the lights on, and to you, gentle seeker. If you want to book a session or learn more about me, head over to the Psychic Reading section of

The following people are to be contacted with complaints, questions and gift cards:

A most sincere “namaste” to Mary Elizabeth Beary for boldly accepting the responsibility of showing the world the Spiritual Rock Star she sees in me,  having the faith to think the world will agree with her and the skills to make that happen.
Kathy Lynn Douglass: teacher and mentor of nearly 30 years, the truest clairvoyant I’ve ever known.  She was the first to validate my inner lunatic, gave me the courage to find my voice when I noticed the emperor wasn’t wearing any clothes, compassionately ignored me during growing pains, taught me how to value flushing toilets and heat.
Dena Anderson, courageous Reiki Master Teacher who had the gall to attune me after four years of teaching me how to properly use that energy. She is also co-facilitator and one of the original founding members of the White Light Express.
Millicent Tirk, magnificent uber Light Worker and dedicated spiritual warrior in spite of being diminished or ignored as a result of being born with Cerebral Palsy. Her mad skills at defending the Universe from darkness is epic.
My children, who still admit in public that I’m their mother.
My husband, Peter — who somehow manages to pay the bills with 3D money while I play with cosmic currency and karma coins.
… and last, but not the least — the ineffable Melody Tristen Hasselvander who keeps believing.